Basic Necessities Care Package

Basic Necessities Care Package

How can you give a gift of hope to a family across the world? Let Santa Rosa Stitches do it for you! Your gift will help give basic nutrition to a family struggling with hunger and poverty. We'll make sure your donation goes to those who need it most.

The Basic Necessities Care Package includes: Water, eggs, beans, rice, seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, powdered milk and specialty items specific for the family in need. All items will be purchased from local growers and businesses. This allows your gift to help the local community and the family in need.

Your Gift Goes a Long Way. How it Works:

Santa Rosa Stitches makes four mission trips to El Salvador each year to distribute Basic Necessities Care Packages. Mission trip volunteers, with the help of a Santa Rosa Stitches team member, use the monetary gifts received to purchase items from local growers and businesses.

Once all of the items are purchased, they are assembled into individual care packages and delivered to the families in need. Delivering the care packages usually involves driving to remote areas of the countryside. The experience is very rewarding and memorable for our mission trip volunteers.

After the mission trip Santa Rosa Stitches writes about the experience and posts the information on the Inside Santa Rosa Stitches Blog. In addition, each gift giver will receive a personalized thank you note from one of our mission trip volunteers.

Purchasing products from the Santa Rosa Stitches website allows us to improve the life of impoverished women, their families and their community. To read each artisan's amazing story please see the Meet the Artisans section.

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