36 year old mother of two

Martha Mercedes Sanchez Badio has been with this group from the start and is a 36 year old mother of two. Her 18 year old daughter graduated high school which is rare in the area. Being involved with Santa Rosa Stitches allows Martha to pay the high school tuition so that her 14 year old son can follow in his sister’s footsteps.

In addition to her two children she lives with their father who she has never been able to marry because they cannot afford a wedding.

Not only does the money earned contribute to the family expenses, Martha is now able to buy medication that she needs to treat a serious medical condition which would otherwise threaten her being able to be there for her children.

Her drive for perfection and determination led her to teach herself how to crochet using only magazines. Her specialty in crocheting, perfectionism and strong leadership skills has helped her work her way to be in charge of the supplies the groups need and quality control.

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